Andrea Jones Is a Liar

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If you've ever considered yourself a friend of Andrea's, you've heard what she says about other people. You should realize that she's talked crap about you too. I've heard personal and negative things about everyone that we know in common. Maybe your story is below. Feel free to drop an email to check.




Wow, where to begin. She's called him every name in the book, and claims to hate him. She's "afraid to leave him", but has divorce papers handy at all times. She also keeps a list of apartments. Stay tuned.



Sweet Kid. Too bad her mother has screwed her head up so much. Poor girl doesn't even know who her father is. Andrea was so proud when Bella was 14 and found in bed with a boy, drunk. Andrea's response... "at least he is popular"



I thought it was pretty cool that she'd take her kid fishing before going to work in the morning. Not so cool when she said he was retarded. She's blamed the doctor, and she's blamed her husband. It has to be someone else's fault of course.

Her Parents

Mother & Stepfather

Yeah, she had plenty to say about them too. Mostly when they declared bankruptcy and needed her to bail them out. Then there was the time she had to take care of her step-father and "touch him, ewww".


Shiloh A.


Shiloh is probably Andrea's best friend. Andrea considers her to be stupid and feels that she can get Shiloh to do whatever she wants her to do. Poor Shiloh is "too ignorant" to leave her worthless husband who just sits around smoking pot and playing video games. He wastes all of her money, so Shiloh and her kids live like trash. More to come.

Joy K.


I hate to even open this door. Joy trusted Andrea, and Andrea crapped on her. The stories she shared about Joy are extremely personal and private. For now, I'll set this aside. Andrea had some nasty names for Joy but that's for another time.

Stephanie W.


Stephanie was spared much of the gossip, at least what Andrea shared with me. Of course, she called her husband a bum and said that he just lived off Stephanie. Andrea wanted her to leave him, but Stephanie was "too stupid".

Amy Z.


Amy was another one that was an idiot and wouldn't leave her lazy husband. Andrea pretty much wanted all of her friends to leave their spouses.

Scott G.


Andrea considered Scott to be "safe" because he was a loser. She said his wife hated him and they continued to live together because he was too chicken to leave. I guess Scott shared his sex life with Andrea because she frequently talked about how nothing was happening there.


Gary L.


Gary is gone now. Andrea liked to brag that all of her male supervisors had been terminated. The count was last between 6 and 8. More often than not, this was due to her lies.

Andrea often bragged that she could manipulate him to do whatever she wanted by a combination of crying and getting angry. She claimed he was the only boy in his family so Gary was afraid of women.

Andrea tried to turn Gary against Brian by telling him that Brian didn't know how to manage his team. She didn't realize how that undermined the perception that Brian was building to support a promotion for her. Unfortunately for Andrea, Gary and Brian communicated regularly and she got caught in a lie. Her response was to cry and complain that Gary was starting lies about her.

Bob B.


Bob is gone now. Andrea hated him and called him an idiot. She claimed that she broke up his marriage and implied that she had had an intimate relationship with Bob. Mostly she undermined his efforts to manage his team. Ultimately, it was determined that Bob should have no direct reports, then Bob was let go. The level of Andrea's direct involvement is unclear, but it is known that caused his supervisor, Gary L., to question his abilities and relationships with his staff.

Ryan K.


Ryan is gone now. Andrea is 100% directly responsible. Thinking he was kidding, Ryan once referred to Andrea as "the Ice Queen". Andrea reported this to HR, but when it did not result in his dismissal, she upped her game. She then went to HR claiming that Ryan created a hostile work environment. She complained that Ryan regularly told "dirty jokes" to the women on the team. The official "investigation" uncovered that one of the women was sharing hard core porn on her phone, but nothing was done because she was female and no one had complained about her. Andrea then organized her "witnesses" and coordinated their stories. She was particularly proud that Shiloh A. followed her directions despite trying to avoid getting Ryan into trouble. Andrea attributed this to Shiloh being stupid.

Brian F.


Brian is gone now. Andrea is completely responsible. Too bad she didn't realize that he was looking into another position and making a case to promote her. She decided that she should be the manager and he was in her way. She made false claims that Brian told her that he was in love with her and was going to run away with her. She contradicted this in a deposition, but that is what is in the HR records.

We'll add more here soon


Random stories shared by Andrea will go here. Losing her virginity, whoring around with the older guys at Buckley and Rock Island, giving birth, you know, all normal stuff you talk about with people you claim to hate.